Encouraging Reading
1) Set aside 15-20 minutes a night where as many family members as possible are reading! Your child can read to you or someone can read to them as long as they are being exposed to literature. 

2) If your child is excited about a new movie coming out, check to see if there is a book version at the library or bookstore. Oftentimes popular movies are turned into short stories just before the movie is released.

3) When driving or walking around the neighborhood, read signs to your child and ask them to read some to you as well. Not only will your child become better acquainted with their surroundings but they will begin to recognize spelling patterns.

4) Simply having books in your home or car is incredibly important. A library membership is free and if you would like to borrow books from our classroom, please let me know!

Questions to Ask:
Look at the cover! Predict what this story will be about?
Which character is your favorite so far and why?
Would you like to live where this story takes place?
How are these characters alike and different from you or me?
How would you have handled that problem?
Would you suggest that book to your class? Why or why not?
Did any of the characters change throughout the story?