ART CURRICULUM at MCS with Ms. Hartlage

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Art education at Morningside gives students in all grade levels experience producing art in the areas of drawing, printmaking, sculpting and assemblage. The experience of art making is improved by combining art history, interdisciplinary and multicultural connections. Students’ creative expression, understanding of concepts, and appreciation of art is nurtured throughout all the years.

By the time students graduate fifth grade, they are able to recognize art periods, art styles, and specific works of art. Students have opportunities to explore art criticism through describing, analyzing, interpreting, and making decisions about their own work and that of others.

The activities and art processes use a variety of materials including...
Clay (Air Dry and Model Magic)

You can encourage your child’s creative nature at home by:
.    Setting up a space and providing art materials.
.    Show interest and enthusiasm in what they are creating.
.    Talk about the art in everyday life – the design of homes, cars, clothes, books, and movies.
.    Visit local museums and galleries. All local galleries are free and with a library card you can take out free passes to the local museums!

For Students:

What Will I Learn?

What Will I Learn?

What Will I Learn?