with Mrs. Teichert ([email protected])

Beginning with Pre-K and by the end of Grade 4, all students will learn to sing alone & with others, read written music notation, play a variety of instruments, create their own music, and listen to/describe/analyze the music of others using music vocabulary.  In 5th grade, the students work collaboratively to produce performance that is adapted to their skills, talents, and interests.  Above all, my primary focus is to help each student develop an understanding and love of music by making it F-U-N!!


Grade 5 has begun planning for their Talent Show.  Each class will present a skit and individual students will present acts in small groups or solo. Grade 4 students are studying Jazz.  They have listened to recordings & viewed videos of prominent jazz artists, experimented with improvisation & instrument solos, and will present a brief history to the student body when the Jazz Ambassadors perform at our school assembly on 10/30.  Grade 3 is learning about Dynamics, specifically piano (soft) and forte (loud), and how they apply to the way music is performed on instruments or with the voice.
Grades PreK & K having been learning to pitch-match with their singing voices through call & response. We begin class with our “Hello There!” song and have learned “See How I’m Nice”; which also teaches ways to show good character.  Students have had the opportunity to sing on a microphone and I videotaped each class singing together so the students could evaluate their efforts.  Grades 1 & 2 are learning to read, compose, and play notation using 2 eighths, quarter, and half notes.  They also have begun differentiating between loud (forte) and soft (piano) by playing them on a variety of instruments from the Percussion Family (hit, shake, or scrape).