This year your child will be practicing addition, subtraction, time, money and other important math skills. Here is how your child can extend their learning outside of school.

  • Encourage your child to add groups of items. For example, if you are at the grocery store and buy 7 red peppers and 4 yellow peppers, ask your child how many you will have in all.
  • Ask your child to explain to you or any younger/older family/friend what the friends of ten are.

  • Give your child a group of 20 items (paper clips, M&M's etc.) and let them count the total. Then take a random amount away and ask them to determine how many you took away based on how many are left. They may need support with this.
  • Allow for your child to get familiar with what different coins look like and how much they are worth. Ask them to practice counting up pennies, nickels and dimes as high as they can. (count by 1's, 5's and 10's)
  • Begin to label events at home. For example, "you will need to brush your teeth at 8:00" or "You get on the bus at quarter after eight" so they become familiar with the language.