Sight Words
Sight words are a list of words that students should know in order to read fluently and understand what they are learning. We practice recognizing our sight words with games and independent practice in class, but there are ways your child can practice at home too!

1) Hide sight word cards around the house so when your child finds them, he/she is prompted to say the word and show it to you or another adult.

2) Have your child write their words with chalk outside or fancy pens/markers (glitter glue if you are brave). The use of special tools encourages the activity. 

3) Say one of the words and have your child form the word out of common household items like cotton balls, play dough or pipe cleaners.

4) Beat the clock! Make it a quick game and see how many words your child can recognize in two minutes. Do it again to see if they can beat their first score!

5) Scatter the word cards on the floor and play your child's favorite song. Stop the music throughout the song and have your child flip over the nearest card, recite the word and use it in a sentence. Play through until all of the cards are gone.